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With corporate headquarters in Lavonia, Georgia and 7 manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the country, Carry-On Trailer is well positioned to service our valued customers quickly and efficiently.

  • One-Stop Shop: We offer utility, cargo, horse, livestock, and specialty trailers along with a full replacement parts program. Our trailers meet or exceed all government regulations and are compliant with standards set by our trade organization, the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Carry-On boasts nationwide coverage becoming the #1 volume trailer manufacturer for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 as certified by state trailer registrations.
  • Award-winning Customer Service: Our award winning customer service department is supported by over 1,100 associates whose goal is exceeding our customers’ expectations.

How We Got Here

Like any great company, the story of how you started is an indicator of where you’ll go. Here’s a brief lesson in “Carry-On Trailer 101”…

  • January 1996: Carry-On Trailer Corporation was started in Hague, Virginia as a side business, and within 60 days, had a plant manager and 5 employees.
  • March 1996: The first shipment of two trailer models was sent and by the end of the year, Carry-On Trailer shipped over 700 trailers. With charter customers Central Tractor (now a part of Tractor Supply Company (TSC)), and Northern Tool Company on Carry-On’s side, expansions in a variety of trailer models followed.
  • 1997: A second plant opened on 15 acres in Lavonia, Georgia, which is now corporate headquarters. The additional 55,000 square feet of manufacturing space allowed Carry-On Trailer to increase model types and volumes to meet an increasing demand from their growing customer lists.
  • 1997: Order quantities were on the rise and Carry-On Trailer increased manpower to 49 employees, and saw a year-end increase in revenues of 75%.
  • 1997-2000: Carry-On Trailer introduced new product lines and opened another plant in Virginia and one in Iowa, as well as expanded the manufacturing space in Georgia. The new plant in Virginia allowed the company to manufacture trailers using optimally mechanized production methods, for a dramatic increase in production.
  • End of 2000: Carry-On Trailer employed 176 people and housed over 125,000 square feet of manufacturing space.
  • 2001: Carry-On Trailer earned “Vendor of the Year” from TSC, and was named as an Exclusive Supplier to TSC and Lowe’s Home Improvement.
  • 2002: The plant in Mexia, Texas opened, and with the addition, gave Carry-On Trailer over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space. With a growing sales staff and over 400 employees now working two shifts company-wide, Carry-On Trailer began to expand even more by launching the production of enclosed cargo trailers.
  • 2004: After extensive expansions to existing plants and the development of another site in Virginia, manufacturing space reached over 700,000 square feet and employment to over 1,100 people.
  • May 2004: Carry-On Trailer achieved a one day production of 1,000 trailers and shipped more than 20,000 trailers.
  • 2007: Carry-On Trailer shipped over 173,000 trailers while their closest competitor shipped about 44,000.
  • 2007: Opened our Winnemucca, Nevada plant to serve the West Coast making Carry-On Trailer the first truly national trailer manufacturer.
  • 2008: Carry-On shipped their one millionth trailer on September 22, 2008
  • 2009: Exceeded $165 million in revenue.
  • 2010: Carry-On Trailer merged with P J Trailers to form American Trailer Works
  • Present-day: American Trailer Works continues to lead the way with our dedicated employees and well over 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing space.
  • Future: With customer satisfaction as our #I priority, we foresee our market share expanding as we continue to grow and exceed our customer’s expectations.